Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado Scheduled Maintenance


You don't have to go to Carlsbad or Escondido to get your Chevrolet Silverado Scheduled Maintenance. Taskers Auto Repair in Vista can do all of your Chevrolet Silverado's scheduled maintenance. You can get your car truck or van serviced at Taskers and still maintain your factory warranty. We offer either original GM parts or aftermarket parts. Since we see vehicles throughout their lives, we know which aftermarket parts are good and which ones aren't.

If you have a Perform Maintenance Light that is on, then you should stop by. Chevrolet has a recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. You can check your Chevrolet Silverado owners manual for details as to your recommended maintenance schedule. Some factors that can vary your maintenance schedule is how much you drive.

The schedule below is a rough guide. Bring your car, truck, van or SUV into Taskers to find exactly what your make, model and year of Chevrolet Silverado Scheduled Maintenance Needs are.

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Interval Maintenance
100 miles, 1000 miles
  • For vehicles with dual wheels: check dual wheel nut torque
7,500 Miles/every oil change
  • Lubricate body hinges and latches, key lock cylinders, folding seat hardware, and sunroof.
  • Brake system inspection.
  • Change engine oil and filter. Reset oil system.
  • Engine air cleaner filter inspection.
  • Engine coolant level check.
  • Engine cooling inspection. Visual inspection of pipes, fittings, and clamps if needed.
  • Exhaust system and nearby heat shields inspection for loose and damaged components.
  • Fluid visual leak check.
  • For vehicles withAllison Transmission: replace external transmission at the first engine oil change only.
  • Fuel system inspection.
  • Restraint system component check.
  • Steering and suspension inspection.
  • Tire inflation pressure check.
  • Tire wear inspection.
  • Windshield washer fluid check.
  • Windshield wiper blade inspection for wear, cracking or contamination.
  • Tire rotation.
  • Sunroof track and seal inspection, if equipped.
  • For vehicles with diesel engine or gvwr over 4536 kg only: shields inspection for damage or looseness. Adjust or replace as required
12 Months
  • Accelerator pedal check for damage, high effort or binding.
  • Automatic transmission shift lock control function.
  • Ignition transmission lock check.
  • Park brake and p (park) mechanism check.
  • Starter switch check.
  • Underbody flushing service (recommended every Spring to remove dust, dirt and chemicals used for snow & ice removal).
25,000 Miles
  • Four wheel drive only: Transfer case fluid change (extreme duty service).
50,000 Miles
  • Automatic transmission fluid change (severe).
  • Engine air cleaner filter replacement.
  • Evaporative control system inspection.
  • Transfer case fluid change (severe service).
  • Four wheel drive only:Transfer case fluid change (severe service).
100,000 Miles
  • Automatic transmission fluid change (normal).
  • Spark plug replacement and spark plug wires inspection.
  • Four wheel drive only:Transfer case fluid change (normal service).
  • Transfer case fluid change (normal service).
150,000 Miles
  • Engine cooling system drain, flush, and refill.
  • Engine drive belts inspection for fraying, excessive cracks, or obvious damage.
  • Manual Transmission fluid change

Above info from Chevrolet Silverado manual. Check with us and your owners manual for your specific make model and year requirements and recommendations.