Vista Tire Sale 7/12/12 to 8/31/12

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Taskers Auto Repair 1806 E Vista Way Vista CA  92084

This is a sale from one of our suppliers

Goodride Specials Good From 07/12/12 Through 08/31/12


GRC0031 187000023 205/55R15 GDR BW H600 88V

GRC0088 187000034 185/65R14 GDR BW SP06 86H

GRC0089 187000038 195/55R15 GDR BW SP06 85V

GRC0090 187000043 195/60R15 GDR BW SP06 88H

GRC0091 187000047 195/65R15 GDR BW SP06 91H

GRC0092 187000091 205/60R15 GDR BW SP06 91H

GRD0030 187000105 155R12/6  GDR BW H120 81N

GRC0105 187000112 205/60R16 GDR BW SP06 92H

GRC0102 187000113 175/65R14 GDR BW SP06 82H

GRC0101 187000114 175/70R13 GDR BW SP06 82T

GRC0109 187000115 185/60R14 GDR BW SP06 82H

GRC0093 187000116 205/65R15 GDR BW SP06 94H

GRC0096 187000122 185/65R15 GDR BW SP06 88H

GRC0100 187000124 215/70R15 GDR BW SP06 98H

GRC0116 187000125 185/60R15 GDR BW SP06 84H

GRC0132 187000127 185/70R14 GDR BW SP06 88T

GRC0120 187000128 225/60R16 GDR BW SP06 98H

GRC0119 187000129 205/70R15 GDR BW SP06 96H

GRC0134 187000130 175/70R14 GDR BW SP06 84T

GRC0137 187000136 215/60R16 GDR BW SP06 95H

GRC0118 187000137 195/70R14 GDR BW SP06 91T

GRC0197 187000141 205/55R16 GDR BW SP06 91H

GRC0165 187000176 225/45ZR17 GDR BW SV308 94W

GRC0161 187000222 215/45ZR17 GDR BW SV308 91W

GRC0158 187000223 205/50R17 GDR BW SV308 93W


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